GET /Fleet/Equipment/{make}/{model}/{pin}/MaximumDailySpeed    
View Maximum Daily Speed
View the highest achieved travel speed for this machine during the previous calendar day.
Request URI
Accept: application/vnd.deere.axiom.v3+xml OR application/vnd.deere.axiom.v3+json
Request Parameters
Parameter Type Example Description Default Required?
make string JOHN DEERE Equipment make. N/A Yes.
model string 410K Equipment model. N/A Yes.
pin string 1T0410KXVA0190833 Serial number. N/A Yes.
Response Details
Field Type Example Description
speedUnits string KILOMETERSPERHOUR Unit of measurement.
speed decimal .28 Percentage of DEF remaining in the tank.
dateTime dateTime 2015-05-15T02:25:38Z Time of measurement.
Sample Response in JSON
200 OK
Content-Type: application/vnd.deere.axiom.v3+json

   "MaximumDailySpeedMessages": {
      "links": {
         "rel": "self",
         "href": ""
      "speed": {
         "speedUnits": "KILOMETERSPERHOUR",
         "speed": 0.28,
         "datetime": "2015-12-03T22:34:21Z"