GET /aemp
Get AEMP Data
This call will retrieve AEMP Standard machine data.
Request URI
Accept: */*
Response Details
Field Type Example Description
Equipment --- See sample response below. Collection of information about one piece of equipment.
EquipmentHeader --- See sample response below. Collection of information about a machine, including make, model, equipment ID, and serial number.
Make string JOHN DEERE Make of the machine.
Model string 7980 Machine model.
EquipmentID string Z29F117415 Equipment ID.
SerialNumber string Z29F117415 Machine serial number.
Location --- See sample response below. Includes a timestamp and coordinates of the machine.
datetime string 2011-10-27T10:01:37Z Timestamp of when the machine was at this location or number of operating hours, depending on the collection.
Latitude decimal 41.6349 Latitude of the machine.
Longitude decimal -93.7758 Longitude of the machine.
CumulativeOperatingHours --- See sample response below. Operating Hours and a timestamp.
Hour string P13DT0H25M59.999S Operating hours of this machine at the reported time.
Sample Response [XML]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Fleet xmlns="" version="1" snapshotTime="2016-02-12T13:29:57Z">
      <Make>JOHN DEERE</Make>
    <Location datetime="2015-07-12T07:07:01Z">
    <CumulativeOperatingHours datetime="2015-07-12T07:07:01Z">
      <Make>JOHN DEERE</Make>
    <Location datetime="2015-03-04T12:47:01Z">
    <CumulativeOperatingHours datetime="2015-03-04T12:47:01Z">
    <FuelUsed datetime="2015-12-31T00:00:00Z">
Return Errors
Error Description
412 Precondition Failed The AppID user is in more than one JDLink Account. It either needs to be removed from the undesired org or enter a service ticket to have support teams assist you.
503 Server Unavailable Requests are restricted per hour. If you exceed the limit, you will see this error message.
Large requests may take some time for system response. To be safe, please set any server response "timeout" parameters to ten (10) minutes.