File Transfer Testing
This feature enables testing of File Transfer to a Greenstar3 display. With this tool, you will be given access to a real 2630 Display. You can upload a file to the organization that owns the display, and transfer files to it.
Access a 2630 Display for Testing
  1. Send an email to
    • The subject of the email should be: Access to Shared Display
    • The body of the email should include the user ID, JDLink role, and email address.
  2. John Deere API Support will add the user from to the test organization that has the Greenstar3 displays.

  3. The emails supplied will receive the invitation to join as the staff member of the shared organization. Sample request email will be sent to the email ID provided.

  4. API support will respond with following details:
    • Organization ID
    • Organization Name
    • Machine IDs
    • Machine Names
  5. To transfer a file to the display, you need to upload the file to the shared organization. If the file validation passes, the uploaded file is ready to transfer to the shared display. The following is a list of endpoints you can test this way:
    1. Get : /organizations – List Organizations. This will now include the Organization that owns the displays.

    2. Get : /organizations/{orgID} – Organization details.

    3. Get : /organizations/{orgid}/files – View a list of files in an Organization.

    4. Get : /organizations/{orgID}/machines – View a list of machines in an Organization.

    5. Upload a file to shared organization:
      1. Post: /organizations/{orgid}/files – Post the new file ID to the list of files in an Organization.

      2. Put: /files/{id} Put the contents of the new file into the ID you created.
    6. Post: /organizations/{orgId}/fileTransfers – Transfer the file to a machine (in this case, just the display).
  6. Once file is transfer to the display you can view the display using RDA functionality of the JDLink and My John Deere.
RDA Demo Video