Basic MyJohnDeere API Resources
FieldDetails BETA
Field Data Resources. Beta.
MachineMonitoring BETA
Machine Monitoring Resources
MyJohnDeere API resources are bundled according to licenses. When you request access to the API, you can request access to different bundles of licenses as well.
API Catalog
This call will pull a catalog of resources available. You will need to use this catalog to find the calls necessary for OAuth Security.
GET /organizations List Organizations
GET /organizations/{orgID} View an Organization
GET /users/{username}/organizations View User Organizations
View user information.
GET /users List Users
GET /users/{username} View User Info
GET /partnerships List Partners
POST /partnerships Set Up a Partnership
GET /partnerships/{tokenID} Get Partnership Details
DELETE /partnerships/{tokenID} Delete a Partnership
GET /partnerships/{tokenID}/permissions View Permissions in a Partnership
POST /partnerships/{tokenID}/permissions Request/Assign Permissions
DELETE /partnerships/{tokenID}/files/{fileID} Revoke Sharing on a File
GET /partnerships/{tokenID}/files View Details of Shared Files
GET /files/{fileID}/partnerships View Partners Who Share a File
GET /machines List Machines
GET /machines/{machineID} View a Machine’s Info
View file information, download a file, and upload or update a file.
GET /files List Files
GET /files/{fileID} View/Download a File
GET /organizations/{orgID}/files List an Organization’s Files
POST /organizations/{orgID}/files Create a File ID
PUT /files/{fileID} Upload/Update a File
File Transfers

View and submit file transfer requests.

POST /organizations/{orgID}/fileTransfers Submit a File Transfer Request
GET /fileTransfers List File Transfers Requests
GET /fileTransfers/{id} View a File Transfer Request
FieldDeatils - BETA!
These resources are currently available in North America only.
GET /clients List Clients
GET /organizations/{orgID}/clients List Clients in an Org
GET /organizations/{orgID}/clients/{id} View a Client
GET /organizations/{orgID}/fields/{id}/clients View Clients in a Field
GET /organizations/{orgID}/farms/{id}/clients View a Farm's Clients
GET /farms List Farms
GET /organizations/{orgID}/farms View Farms in an Org
GET /organizations/{orgID}/farms/{id} View a Farm
GET /organizations/{orgID}/clients/{id}/farms View a Client’s Farms
GET /organizations/{orgID}/fields/{id}/farms View Farms in a Field
GET /fields View Fields
GET /organizations/{orgID}/fields View Fields in an Org
GET /organizations/{orgID}/fields/{id} View a Field
GET /organizations/{orgID}/clients/{id}/fields View a Client's Field
GET /organizations/{orgID}/farms/{id}/fields View a Farm's Field
GET /organizations/{orgID}/boundaries/{id}/fields View Fields in a Boundary
GET /boundaries View Boundaries
GET /organizations/{orgID}/boundaries View Boundaries in an Org
GET /organizations/{orgID}/boundaries/{id} View a Boundary
GET /organizations/{orgID}/fields/{id}/boundaries View the Boundaries of a Field
MachineMonitoring - BETA!

View alerts from a specified machine.

GET /machines/{id}/alerts Alerts
Engine Hours

View engine hours from a specified machine.

GET /machines/{id}/engineHours Engine Hours
Hours of Operation

View the hours of operation from a specified machine.

GET /machines/{id}/hoursOfOperation Hours of Operation
Distance Traveled

View the distance a specified machine has traveled.

GET /machines/{id}/distanceTraveled Distance Traveled
Device State Reports

View reports from the terminal attached to a specified machine.

GET /machines/{id}/deviceStateReports Device State Reports
Machine Location History

View the location history for a specified machine.

GET /machines/{id}/locationHistory Machine Location History
FieldOperations - ALPHA!
GET /organizations/{orgID}/fields/{fieldsID}/fieldOperations List Field Operations
GET /fieldOperations/{operationID} View a Field Operation
GET /fieldOperations/{operationID}/shapeFileExtract Extract a Shapefile
GET /fieldOperations/{operationID}/measurementTypes Field Operation Measurements
GET /fieldOperations/{operationID}/measurementTypes/{type}/mapImage Field Operation Map Image
GET /fieldOperations/{operationID}/measurementTypes/{type} Field Operation Measurement
Jobs - ALPHA!
GET /organizations/{orgID}/jobs List Jobs in Your Org
GET /jobs List Jobs
GET /jobs/{jobsId} View a Job
GET /jobs/{jobsId}/operations View Operations in a Job
GET /jobs/{jobsId}/operations/{id}/progress View a Job's Progress
MachineMeasurements - ALPHA!
GET /machines/{id}/machineMeasurements List Machine Measurements
Notifications - ALPHA!
POST /notificationEvents Create a Notification Event
DELETE /notificationEvents/{id} Delete a Notification Event
GET /notificationEvents/{id}/status View a Notification Event Status
GET /notifications List Notifications
GET /notifications/{id} View a Notification
Prescriptions - ALPHA!
POST /organizations/{orgId}/prescriptions Create a Prescription
GET /prescriptions/{id} View a NPrescription
GET /prescriptions/{id}/status View a Prescription's Status
GET /prescriptions/{id}/preview View a Prescription's Preview Image
Scouting - ALPHA!
Notes & Note Summaries

List and create notes and note summaries.

GET /organizations/{orgId}/fields/{fieldId}/notes List Notes
GET /organizations/{orgId}/fields/{fieldsId} Create a Scout Note
GET /organizations/{orgId}/fields/{fieldsId}/summaryNotes Create a Scout Note Summary
Note Details

View, create, and delete a note.

GET /notes/{id} View a Note
POST /notes/{id} Create a Note
DELETE /notes/{id} Delete a Note
File Resources

View, update, upload, and delete file resources.

GET /notes/{id}/fileResources List a Note's File Resources
POST /notes/{id}/fileResources Create a File Resource
GET /fileResources/{id} View a File Resource
PUT /fileResources/{id} Upload a File Resource
DELETE /fileResources/{id} Delete a File Resource
Subscriptions - ALPHA!
These resources are currently available in North America only.

View licenses assigned to MTGs and UTGs.

GET /modularTelematicsGateways/{id}/licenses View an MTG’s Licenses
GET /universalTelematicsGateways/{id}/licenses View a UTG’s Licenses
GET /licenses List Licenses
GET /licenses/{id} View a Licenses

View the MTGs and UTGs in an Org.

GET /modularTelematicsGateways List MTGs
GET /organizations/{orgID}/ modularTelematicsGateways List All MTGs in an Org
GET /modularTelematicsGateways/{id} View an MTG
GET /modularTelematicsGateways/{id}/ communicationModules List an MTG’s Communication Modules
GET /modularTelematicsGateways/{id}/ communicationModules/{id} View an MTG’s Communication Module
GET /universalTelematicsGateways List UTGs
GET /organizations/{orgID}/ universalTelematicsGateways View All UTGs in an Org
GET /universalTelematicsGateways/{id View a UTG
GET /universalTelematicsGateways/{id}/ communicationModules List a UTG’s Communication Modules
GET /universalTelematicsGateways/{id}/ communicationModules/{id} View a UTG’s Communication Module