MyJohnDeere API Overview
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About John Deere Operations Center
Operations Center is the platform that stores data collected from telematically enabled John Deere equipment. When a field operation is completed, documentation is sent from the machine to the grower’s Operations Center organization. The grower can initiate various file and machine interactions, as well as view user, machine, and organization information

Note: No one can access a customer’s files unless they have been granted the appropriate permissions within Operations Center from the customer.
With MyJohnDeere API, your application can perform all of these actions.
Learn more about sharing in Operations Center.
About MyJohnDeere API
With MyJohnDeere API, you can develop apps that allow farmers, dealers, organizations, and partners to access and share information in Operations Center via PCs, tablets, and smartphones. MyJohnDeere API uses the wireless data transfer capability provided by the combination of cloud services, machine telematics, and a JDLink™ subscription. With approval from the customer and John Deere, you can use this API to share data, transfer files to JDLink-enabled machines, and securely share files between Operations Center organizations.
Note: An EIC license is required to decode display data. Become an EIC licensee to use MyJohnDeere API fully.
Note: When an app is connected to this API in Sandbox, only users within the app team will be able to successfully call the API. Users outside of the app team who use the application to call the API will receive a 403 Error.
When a call returns a response with more than ten data points, the response will be paginated, containing nextPage and previousPage links, which can be followed to view the entire response. The last page of data will not have the nextPage link.
Licensed Resources
Some MyJohnDeere API resources can only be accessed if you have requested the relevant API license.
Machine Monitoring
These resources allow clients to access machine data such as alerts, hours of operation, engine hours, device state reports, measurements, machine location, and distance traveled. This data is collected by JDLink. To use the machine monitoring resources, you must have the Machine Monitoring license within MyJohnDeere API.