Org to Org Permissions    
Org to Org permissions define the information types and data that are shared with partner organizations.
Machine Optimization: All Machines.
By sharing your machines, you will allow your partner to see basic details such as the machine’s subscriptions and connected display information. You must share your machines in order to grant your partner the ability to utilize Remote Display Access, send files via Wireless Data Transfer, or view Location History information. Each of these abilities can be granted within your Work Collaborator relationship settings.
Agronomic Decision Making: Fields and Production Data
Sharing a field grants your partner access to the associated boundaries, guidance lines and operational data. Sharing an individual field will not grant access to your documentation files, but will allow your partner to export shapefiles for that field.
By selecting the "All Fields and Production Data" option, your partner will also be granted access to your documentation files, including any Cotton or TimberMatic files. Selecting this option will automatically share any additional fields that are added to your organization in the future.
Work Collaborator
  • Remote Display Access: Ability to remotely view capable onboard displays of machines for support purposes.
  • View Location History: Access to see Location History lines for machines that have the capability and have also been shared.
  • Send Files to Machines: Ability to wirelessly send setup files and prescriptions to machines.
  • View Prescriptions: Access to prescription files.
  • Create Setup: Access to setup files.
  • View Jobs: Ability to view jobs for fields that have been shared.
  • Create & Edit Jobs: Ability to create & edit jobs for fields that have been shared.