Import Setup File
  1. Download the file Conference2014_GS3_2630_SetupDataToImportViaUSBInToSimulator and unzip it. This sample data includes a setup, boundaries and EIC converted prescriptions file.

  2. Watch the video below to learn how to import data into the simulator. The steps to import a setup file vary slightly from those in the video:
    1. Copy the "conference1" folder into GS3_2630 folder in the simulated USB of the Display and CommandARMâ„¢ Simulator or on a real USB drive to work on a real 2630.
    2. Use the Import Data button on the import page in the 2630 (instead of Import Prescriptions).
To view the maps in the sample data, set the initial GPS coordinates on the simulator options page to:
  • Latitude: 41.875260
  • Longitude: -94.59022
Select Field North to be in the appropriate field for the tractor to run inside the boundaries specified by the setup file.