Upload Data to MyJohnDeere
In this example, we export coverage data from the GS3 2630 display to MyJohnDeere.
  1. Download the .zip file Conference2014_ExampleOfCoverageDataToUploadToMyJohnDeere to your computer's local drive.

  2. Log in to your MyJohnDeere account, and go to the Map area. (https://my.deere.com/map)

  3. Click the ellipses icon (…) to open the My Files dialog box.

  4. Click the + sign.

  5. Click Browse and select the Conference2014_ExampleOfCoverageDataToUploadToMyJohnDeere.zip file from your computer's local drive.

  6. Click Upload and wait for the file to be processed.

  7. Click on the Map button.

  8. Select Map Fly Out.

  9. Click the i symbol and select Field Analyzer for the North-Apex sample client.

  10. Click As-Applied Rate to see the record of where you generated coverage data.