Create/Update Farm
Farm Definitions
POST /source/{sourceID} /client/{clientID} /farm /{farmID}
Create/Update Farm
Request URI
Accept: */*
Request Parameters
This resource does not currently take any filters/request parameters.
Request Details
Field Type Example Description
name string Finch Farm Farm Name
acres integer 3 Number of acres in this farm.
street1 string 3 Main Street Street address
city string Maycomb City name.
state string AL State name.
zip string 30022 Zip code.
email string Email address.
phone string 123.456.7890 Phone number.
entry-point --- See sample request below. Includes the coordinates of the entry point of this farm.
boundary --- See sample request below. Boundary of this farm.
Sample Request in XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<farm xmlns=" backofficeintegration"
  <name>Finch Farm</name>
  <street1>3 Main Street</street1>
    <kml:coordinates>-84.1, 33.1</kml:coordinates>
  <boundary />
Response Codes
200 Success.
400 Bad Request. Check that the passed data is in the right format and passes schema validation.
401 Unauthorized. There is a problem with the credentials provided.
404 Problem with the URL. Check that the URL matches the pattern described above, and that the clientId is known to AgLogic.
500 Server error. An unexpected error occurred on the server processing your post.
Farm Definitions  
farm is a collection of fields.
id BMS identifier for the Farm. The combination of client id and farm id must be unique within an organization in AgLogic.
name Farm name.
client id BMS identifier for the client that this farm is associated with.
acres Number of acres covered by this farm.
street1 Address field one of this farm.
street2 Address field two of this farm.
city The city where this farm is located.
state The state where this farm is located.
zip Zip code of this farm.
email Email address for this farm's contact.
phone Phone number of this farm's contact.
entry point(s) Lat/Lon pair(s) identifying the farm entry point.
field boundary Collection of data describing the boundaries of the farm.