Create/Update Mobile User
Mobile User Definitions
POST /source/{sourceID} /mobileuser/{mobileuserID}
Create/Update Mobile User
Request URI
Accept: */*
Request Parameters
This resource does not currently take any filters/request parameters.
Request Details
Field Type Example Description
first-name string Atticus Mobile User First Name
last-name string Finch Mobile User Last Name
email string Email Address
Sample Request in XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<mobile-user xmlns=" backofficeintegration"
Response Codes
200 Success.
400 Bad Request. Check that the passed data is in the right format and passes schema validation.
401 Unauthorized. There is a problem with the credentials provided.
404 Problem with the URL. Check that the URL matches the pattern described above.
500 Server error. An unexpected error occurred on the server processing your post.
Mobile User Definitions
Mobile User Definitions
At this time, Mobile Users are persons operating Applicators or driving Tender trucks.
first name Mobile user’s first name.
last name Mobile user’s last name.
email Email address for mobile user.
licenses Equipment operators may have special licenses, such as licenses to apply chemicals.
license number License number.
state State that license was issued in.
expiration Expiration date for the license.