John Deere Field Connect™ API uses three-legged OAuth Security, an open protocol for authorization on the web. To use this API, your application will need to use three-legged OAuth Security.


  1. Create an Application profile on developer.deere.com

  2. Request a Request Token (passing App ID and Shared Secret).
    Request Token URI: https://developer.deere.com/oauth/oauth10/initiate

    Pass an oauth_callback parameter in the Authorization header with the value "https://developer.deere.com/oauth/auz/grants/provider/authcomplete".
    Sign the request with your app ID and secret.

  3. Authorize the Request Token
    Authorization URI: https://developer.deere.com/oauth/auz/authorize

    You’ll be taken to the login page, please enter your credentials and log in to get the verifier code.

    Verifier Code
    The OAuth verifier code can then be acquired via the address bar of your browser:

  4. Trade Request Token for access token.
    Access Token URI: https://developer.deere.com/oauth/oauth10/token

    Using the verifier code and access token URI, you can get the access token.

    Notes on Access Tokens:
    • They are valid up to one year. You will have to request another token if the one you have is invalidated.
    • One token is specified to one client and one resource owner.
    • You should store the access token and secret for each user, so that the user does not need to authorize every request made by the client.