General FAQs: Navigation

How do I navigate this website?
On the Screen Description
Top Navigation Where: Top right of the Home page.

What: This navigation displays when a user is signed in. It shows the user name, profile picture, a link to the profile, and a link to the dashboard.
Profile Where: The top navigation.

What: This link takes you to your profile page.
Dashboard Where: The topic navigation, under your profile picture.

What: Takes you to your dashboard, where you can see a log of activity for all the apps and APIs you have access to. The number next to the Dashboard link will show you the most recent activity.
Plus Menu Where: The top navigation, to the left.

What: From this drop-down menu, you can add a new app, add a new group, and invite new users.
Search Menu Where: Under the Search box to the right of the top navigation. Click the “Popular” link to open the menu.

What: The drop-down shows a list of popular searches.
Quick Filter Navigation Where: Next to the dashboard link in the top navigation.

What: From left to right, these icons will list your APIs, your apps, and your groups.
Left Navigation Where: To the left side of your Dashboard or open API, App, or Group profile.

What: This bar will show a search filter next to your Dashboard, and a menu of accessible tools next to your API, App, or Group profile.
Logout Where: To the right of your username in the top navigation.

What: This link will sign you out of
Help Where: In the right corner of the footer.

What: Fill out support tickets, find the FAQ pages, and leave us any comments or questions.