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AgLogic™ API    
Farm logistics data.
The AgLogic™ API allows Agronomic Service Providers to integrate their existing Business Management Systems with the AgLogic™ Fleet Logistics Application.
  • This API can exchange data through the web, in a hands-off, immediate approach.
  • It can also exchange data through file import, for BMS’s that are not connected to the web, and instead offer a form of file export.
  • Integrates the logistics management power of AgLogic with your back-end system.
Why should you care? The AgLogic API is essential to run the AgLogic web application, which combines GPS, cellular technology and Web-based software to help Agronomic Service Providers manage and improve the productivity of their assets and fleet. AgLogic helps Agronomic Service Providers to schedule and manage the delivery and usage of agronomic products.
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