MyJohnDeere Explained!

For Software Partners

Your app's users will access their data from their MyJohnDeere account. Read more to learn how the MyJohnDeere platform is laid out.
All MyJohnDeere users belong to an Organization. An Organization can consist of one or more users. They can represent growers or their trusted advisors, such as agronomists, delears, etc.
Software partners don't need to have a MyJohnDeere Organization since they won't have a direct sharing relationship with their users, but can make one for testing scenarios. You may also have an Organization if you are part of a longer trusted advisor company.
For two Organizations to share data between them, they must first establish a partnership and request/assign the appropriate permissions for each other. This ensures that all data sharing is secure, and occurs only with explicit permission from the owner of the data.
View a how-to video on setting up a MyJohnDeere partnership as a user.
Your App
A user in an Organization can use a software partner's app to access the Organization's MyJohnDeere data.
A grower may use a software partner's app to access their MyJohnDeere data, as well as files that were shared with them by a trusted advisor. They can also share files with the trusted advisor via an app.
A trusted advisor may use an app to access their own MyJohnDeere files, as well as files shared with them by a grower. They can also share files with the grower via the app.