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MyJohnDeere API    
File, organization, user, and partnership data from MyJohnDeere.
About MyJohnDeere API:
MyJohnDeere API connects your apps with the MyJohnDeere cloud. This API uses the wireless data transfer capability provided by the combination of cloud services, machine telematics, and a JDLink™ subscription. With data security approval from the customer and John Deere, you can use this API to:
  • Upload and download files to and from the MyJohnDeere cloud.
  • Transfer files from the MyJohnDeere cloud to JDLink-enabled John Deere machines.
  • Securely share files between MyJohnDeere organizations.
    Note: No one can access a customer’s files unless the customer has granted them the appropriate permissions in MyJohnDeere.
  • View John Deere Field Connect™ data.
John Deere Field Connect™ is a system that monitors soil moisture levels. This API allows web applications to access a user’s organizations, each organization’s fields and management zones, and the soil moisture level for each field’s management zone.
Why should you care? With the MyJohnDeere API, you can develop apps that allow farmers, dealers, organizations, and partners to access and share information on the MyJohnDeere portal via PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
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