Go Live

AEMP and AgLogic™ are production-only APIs, and do not have a Sandbox environment. To connect your app to these APIs for either development or production, follow the steps on the Connect with an API and Develop & Test pages.

For MyJohnDeere Data API, once you have developed your app and tested it in the Sandbox environment, you can move to the production environment. You will then be able to make your app available for public use. Deere staff will work with you through the following steps when you are ready to move to production.

Production Checklist

  1. Request production access for your app profile.
    1. Log in to developer.deere.com.
    2. Navigate to your app profile.
    3. Click on the APIS option in the left navigation.
    4. Click on the Request Access button under the Production column.
    5. Click through the API Agreement and Accept it. Deere API Admin will receive a notification.
  2. Notify your Develop with Deere Marketing Product Manager.
  3. Run your full set of regression test scripts. Email APIDevSupport@JohnDeere.com with the exact date and time that you ran them, so we can review our API logs.
  4. Deere may set up a date and time to conduct load testing, though this varies on the application.
  5. Sign API license agreement.
  6. Sign EIC license agreement if you are using MyJohnDeere Data API.

Once you complete all the steps above, you will be notified and receive the production URLs. Then, you will need to:

  1. Change code to production URLs.
  2. Transition to Production Support. If you have questions before or during this transition, continue to mark "Development" on the support tickets. If you have successfully transitioned to production support, mark "Production" on your support tickets.